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Mobile health messages are portable, accessible and discreet and can be saved or shared. They can provide information, dispel myths, highlight warning signs and connect pregnant women and new moms with local health services.

If you are an organization that works on maternal and child health, our messages can help access the hardest-to-reach, poor mothers using technology that they already own.



BabyCenter – one of MAMA’s founding partners – developed the MAMA messages and has drawn on its extensive experience creating culturally relevant health content to make messages that can be localized at the country level.


MAMA’s adaptable messages are based on WHO and UNICEF guidelines and have been developed in close collaboration with a group of global health experts who make up MAMA’s Health Content Advisory Council (HCAC). MAMA's HCAC members lend their knowledge and expertise to ensure that MAMA’s messages reflect the most up-to-date, evidence-based global standards.

Message types

We provide two types of messages: (1) core and (2) topic-based.

The core messages are arranged by "age and stage" in two sets. The pregnancy/baby messages cover weeks 5 to 42 of pregnancy, and the first year of the baby's life. The child messages cover ages 1-3.

The messages are built around key health behaviors and interventions which evidence shows can improve health outcomes. These include antenatal care, nutrition, vaccination, oral rehydration, and use of insecticide-treated bed nets. The messages blend health with child development information, so mothers are motivated to get the right care at the right time for themselves and their children.

In addition to these core messages, MAMA has responded to requests for topic-based messages and now offer messages on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, infant feeding, and post-partum family planning. We also offer messages designed for other household decision-makers in communities where phone ownership is often shared. We will continue to release new message sets in response to demand from implementing organizations around the world and the guidance of our HCAC.


MAMA messages are offered free of charge. Any organization can apply to use the messages by clicking on the Request Access button above and completing our brief questionnaire about your organization and program.

We encourage each organization to adapt the content according to the cultural norms and traditions in its country or region. The organization can then deliver the content to local mothers and mothers-to-be.


After a request is approved, the MAMA team will provide login information to access the downloadable messages. Next, follow these steps:

1.     Download the messages. You will be able to choose core messages and/or topic-based messages.
2.     Download our guidelines on how to adapt and localize the health messages. 
3.     Adapt the messages to fit your local context – consider language, literacy, audience, partners, amongst many other factors.
4.     Share your content for use by other organizations. On our download page you will also see shared content from organizations that have adapted the MAMA messages.
5.     Email the MAMA team if you have any questions on adapting messages at

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It's time for the second tetanus toxoid vaccine. Just one more and your baby will be protected against tetanus. Go to your clinic now.
Sample SMS message

Ask at the clinic what your blood group is. Then check with friends and family who are the same in case you need a blood transfusion.
Sample SMS Message

Congratulations! You're a new mother. Your baby’s head may look a strange shape, and her face may be puffy. This is from the birth. In a day or two this will change and she will look just fine.
Your newborn needs all your love and care. If she was born early, she will need extra special care.
In the weeks after your baby is born, you will need to see your health worker several times. In the first week, see your health worker at least twice. She will check if you are both doing well.
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Your newborn will need lots of food to grow. The best food for your newborn is your breastmilk. Feed her your precious first milk. Feeding her honey or ghee is harmful and a waste of your special milk
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A cord infection can make your baby very ill. Sponge the cord with clean water and leave it uncovered to dry. It needs nothing else.
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Keep the cord stump clean. Wash your hands with soap before touching it. Sponge it with clean water. Leave it uncovered. Let the air dry it. If it’s moist it can get infected. Don’t put anything on the stump. The cord will dry out and fall off naturally after about a week. Your baby's navel will take about 10 days to heal. Keep her navel clean.
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